Yureak lollipop update

Yureka the subsidiary of Micromax has launched its first smartphone YU Yureka on December 2014, now everyone is waiting for Yureak lollipop update which is next OS update of CS12 over android lollipop 5.0.2. On the month of March they teased up with a poster of doted which will end up to number 26,


that makes us to feel us that they will release this update on March 26 but it’s also a failure, and Yureka comments on social network “Patience is bitter but the fruit is sweet! Community beta testers taking a while to sugarcoat lollipop “


we have also find they will launched this update first week of April, but again they failed to release this update, sources saying they were facing bug issue and trying to achieve the stable version for the cyanogen over lollipop, now we also see they are not able to release this update due to the google certification, and current update for the lollipop update for Yu Yurkeka will be available may be after 4 days. So reader you have to be patient for this stable version as we already know that android lollipop 5.0 have some bugs which fixed in 5.1 and further fixes on 5.0.2 so better to wait for the stable version from cyanogen team let’s hope for the best and keep checking update for your device & you never know when you will be getting this update. Keep on reading readers, we will update you once we get final words from Cyanogen.

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