With the launch of new cloud based emailing services the Microsoft is pushing users to go for pay per use licencing. The latest versions of Microsoft office 2013 or Office 365 need to login to activate the licence.
The process of login after the installation of the product is very easy but many situations arises when you update your product version or need to login with another user id etc. The best and easiest method is to uninstall and install afresh application by login into the microsft portal and downloading again but it eats up a lot of bandwidth and time.
Although there is an option to switch the user by clicking on your name and switch account link but it results into another error like “Unlicensed Product” or “Product Deactivated”. It happened because switching account does not updates all the setting linked with the installation. To remove the account completely you need to run cscript command from command prompt as follows:-
Open command prompt as administrator.
And navigate to :-

c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15>

Run the following command

cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus

It will output
Last 5 characters of installed product key:
Note down the key somewhere.
And now run the following command:-

cscript ospp.vbs /unpkey:last five characters of product key

it will remove the account associated with your current office installation from registry and now you can switch account without any error.

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